Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013_07_07C Lance Wong Model Shoot Kelsey Onouye Laine Kawamura China Town

Lance was kind enough to ask me to join him with Carson for a photo shoot that involved two models that were friends with each other.  Kelsey was more experienced while Laine was pretty new to modeling.  We all had a great time learning.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014-01-02 Kaniakapupu With Alyzza, MacKenzie, Arianna, Juan & Patrick

A small group of us visited Kaniakapu'pu, King Kamehameha's Summer Palace, to do a group photo shoot. On the second day of the new year we were to meet on site at 9am.  I ran late so had to catch up with everyone...or so I thought.
When I arrived they were still setting up so I jumped right in.

Initially I worked with Alyzza.  She brought several outfits 3 of which I was able to photograph her in. Alyzza's so easy to shoot, she needs minimal direction and moves very well between shots.

Arianna had never modeled before, she actually was there to keep her friend MacKenzie company.  But once she got into things she shined.  She learns quickly and takes direction well.

I didn't have much chance to work alone with MacKenzie.  When she was finally free I got a couple shots of her, then worked with her and Arianna.

It rained off and on through out the day and I managed to catch the group hiding under a tree for protection.