Monday, August 27, 2012

12-08-26 Kronick Ohana Nakoa Trail Kahana Valley

Today's hike with my good buddies of the Kronick Ohana proved to be very interesting.  To begin with as I was pulling into Kahana Valley State Park there were two Police cars in front of me and a 3rd pulled in behind me...trapped with blue lights flashing.  But it wasn't me they wanted...phew! 

I pulled into a parking space to meet up with the gang in the park office's parking lot before heading up to the point that we would leave our cars.  As I parked to begin the hike I noticed at least two other groups that would be hiking today as well.  So it was going to be pretty crowded on the trail.

The amount of people on the trail may have been part of the reason that our fearless leader chose to do the loop hike in reverse.

The first group shot

Let's try that again

It's a mushroom condominium.

The first stream crossing, the smart ones removed their shoes and socks to keep them dry.

Pig hunters and their dogs.

The pig hunters dogs were chasing a wild pig so for our safety we waited on the trail.

And one point we thought the pig had doubled back and was headed towards us.  Everyone was looking for a tree to climb.

 The mushrooms have such pretty coloration.

Ye olde swimming hole

Our second and final stream crossing.

Here's the pig that they caught and killed.

The end of the hike.   The treat for the day would be Poi Malasadas...mmmmmmmm good!

An abandoned picnic area in the park.

As I was driving out, I came across two horses on the side of the road.  I assumed they were both tied up.  So I stopped rolled down my window and began taking pictures.

This horse started walking towards me as I took pictures.  I figured the rope would stop her well before she got to me.

Boy was I wrong, but she really enjoyed my scratching her under her chin.  In the end I had to push her head back out of the window, roll it up and slowly drive away.

I think I've found a new place for sunrises.


12-08-25 OPMUG Ko Olina Sunset

This past Saturday evening the OPMUG group headed out to the Ihilani Spa & Resort at Ko Olina to take pictures of the sunset and hopefully the Milky Way and stars.  Sunset proved to be a bit blah as there were no clouds in the sky for the light to reflect off of.

The Milky Way and star shot proved to be difficult as the half moon was too bright and almost straight overhead.

Friday, August 24, 2012

12-08-23 Lunch With a Friend

Yesterday I had lunch with friend.  Because my friend works in downtown Honolulu it was necessary for me to make a pilgrimage to meet and eat. 

Fort Street Magazines has been here for as long as I remember.  I suspect business is not as good as it used to be for them.  That's the magazine shop on the right.

Wonder what's happening, the police have blocked off the Beretania Street entrance to the Fort Street Mall.

 Wait I know what's happening.

Hurry up and wait...such is the life of an extra.

It took me a bit to figure out how best to line up the corners of the parking garage with the building itself.

Monday, August 20, 2012

12-08-19 B&W Shiroi Nasubi (White Eggplant) & Natchez, Mississippi

I found some white (shiroi) eggplants (nasubi) so I decided to fool around and take some pictures.  The lighting is all natural light and no additional light sources were used.

In 2010 when we did a coast to coast to coast road trip, one of the places we visited was Natchez, Mississippi.  I found these buildings near the bridge that crosses the Mississippi river.

When we left Natchez and began traveling up the Natchez Trace we found these buildings.

Here's a link to Google Maps and the exact location of the buildings:
Natchez, Mississippi

I think this is what's left of Wagner's Grocery.

This church was across the road from Wagner's Grocery.

In the Vicksburg National Military Park there is a museum for the raised Union Ironclad gunboat USS Cairo.  This is a view of her stern.  

As we drove up the Natchez Trace we came to Vicksburg, Mississippi and the national park and cemetery commemorating the Civil War and in particular the battle for Vicksburg.

12-08-19 OPMUG Pacific Aviation Museum Biggest Little Airshow

Saturday & Sunday the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island, Pearl Harbor hosted the 5th annual Biggest Little Airshow exhibition.  There were food booths, informational booths and of course the different scale model clubs with their remote piloted planes and helicopters.  Once again Ann Murta was kind enough to provide "press passes" to give additional access to the event.

This was a pretty sobering display, they were unable to get enough boots donated so the pictures without boots were hung on the fence.

The Sea Based X Band Radar platform more affectionately known as The Golf Ball.


Panorama of the inside of Hanger 79 where the museum stores overflow exhibits and works on newly added display items.

Found this beauty in the hanger.  One of the other visitors checked the inside and pronounced it to be a Ford of 1940's vintage.

I waited for this and lucked out when they did a stall maneuver right in front of the golf ball. 

Smoke form planes is actually coming out in little puffs and not a steady stream.

This should give some idea as to the scale of these planes.  They are pretty big and cost many thousands of dollars...which are all lost with a crash.