Friday, December 31, 2010

10-12-31 Secret Cave Sunrise Redux

This morning I woke at 4:30 am to get ready and pick up Aaron at 5:30.  We were headed off to Lanai Lookout to meet up with a group of photographers to take pictures of the sunrise.

That's Holly on the left and Emily to her right.

That's William setting up his next shot.

10-12-30 Hoolauae Street, Aiea Christmas Decorations

When I finished up at the Kapolei street with the "Heineken Christmas Tree" I stopped by Hoolauae street to check out the decorations there.  This was easy because its very close to my home.

10-12-30 Hanapaa Street, Kapolei Christmas Decorations

After the sun had set, I drove a short distance to see a street that has a Christmas Tree made of Heinekin bottles.  Needless to say the owner told me that he and his friends really enjoyed getting the materials needed to make the tree...there's something like 3000 empty bottle making up the tree.

10-12-30 Barbers Point Lighthouse Sunset

I went back out to the Barbers Point Lighthouse last evening to try again at capturing some images of the setting sun.