Monday, July 26, 2010

Last night was a full moon so a group of us decided to go to the West Loch Shoreline Park and shoot some pictures of the moon as it reflected off the water. We got there around 5pm so we were able to capture the sunset as an added bonus.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today turned out to be a pretty busy photography day. I began the day at Keehi Lagon watching and photographing the Hawaii Canoe Racing Association's Hui Wa'a Championship. Then I went to Jean's condominium for a poolside party. Finally I got myself down to Hawaii Kai Town Center for the East End Hot Rod Show.

The East End Hot Rod Show was pretty impressive. They gave us a scare at the beginning because all we could see were about 5 cars. As soon as Costco closed at 6pm the parking lot began to clear out and hot rod after hot rod began driving in. The setting sun helped to give a nice ambient light to shoot with.

The pool is on the top floor of Jean's condo building. There was plenty to eat and the company was very good.

There are two guys climbing the antenna. Click on the second image for a larger view.

Keehi Lagoon and the canoe races.

Becky's team did very well and won a medal.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Went for a drive today, to scout out locations for future picture taking opportunities. I started by driving up Kunia Road. I thought these buildings were abandoned but it turns out they are still in use.
If you double click the images you'll be able to see a larger picture.

That's Diamond Head in the center right portion of this image.

I moved along to West Lock Shoreline Park. I'll be returning here with some photography friends this Sunday night to shoot some pictures of the full moon and it's reflection off the waters of Pearl Harbor.

I counted at least 12 of these jetties in this park. At night they are really cool to shoot pictures from.

Please feel free to comment on my pictures. It's nice to know that someone is seeing these.
Yesterday I went to my Nuuanu garden to get more bamboo shoots.

This is what I'm looking for, freshly sprouting bamboo shoots. They are plentiful this time of year.

This shows how much I was able to gather about an hour. It should be just right for my mother and I to use.

After husking all the shoots, this is what was left.

Mom went to work picking only the softest pieces.

The shoots were boiled for quite some time.

I'll post more when mom actually cooks these. We'll be trying a recipe that Nona passed on for Menma.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Hawaii Canoe Racing Association held it's Waikiki Regatta today. I went to take pictures and to give moral support to my friend Phuong.

That's Phuong on the left and Rhea on the right.

This was a very interesting sand sculpture.

Hectors team paddled a pretty good race.

This is what Waikiki Beach looked like today.

That's Hector with the yellow baseball cap.

Rudy has his back towards us.

The moon snuck out early today.

On the way over to view the canoe regatta I saw these beach volley ball games and stopped for a while to snap some pictures.

Woke up early this morning for a photography hike up Kamehame Ridge with the Sierra Club. The hike was cut short when we were pointedly reminded that we were on private property and our presence was unwanted.

But that's okay as we went to Jack's in Aina Haina and had breakfast...if you haven't eaten there you've got to try it. We waited for about half an hour to get a table. Luckily we ran into CD's cousin "Cookie" who entertained and delighted us with her charming conversation.

The form on the horizon is the island of Molokai. On reasonably clear days it's we're able to see across the channel.

This is the back side of Koko Head.