Sunday, October 30, 2011

11-10-29 4th Annual Hallowbaloo - Chinatown

4th Annual Hallowbaloo - A Recipe fo’ Sizzle:
16,000+ Costumed Crazies + Hawaii’s Largest Live Music Showcase + the Honolulu Arts District !!

Saturday evening fellow photographers from OPMUG and I braved the crowds to try and photograph this event.  We had fun!

This was my costume...pretty good disguise, huh?

 The Japanese go all out for this event.
 We've been invaded...
 I wanted to pop her balloons but she wouldn't let me...:-(
 Guess whose the boss...yup.

 Now, pretty.
 I'm just a little devil...

 I really liked this ladies made me smile every time I saw her.
 Sorry I didn't buy food or drink from you.
 Who let the cats out...
 The cows got milk maids this year.
 Not sure what they were but they sure were interesting.
 Capt'n Jack Sparrow.
 "Laura Croft" is in reality a very talented tattoo artist.
 Japanese tourists come to party.
 Spy vs Spy from the old Mad magazine.  My favorites.

 A little "Clockwork Orange."
 Just an idea as to how crowded this was.
 My friends Phuong & Tasha.
 What an "Angel."
 Shaun & Barrett

 Borat made an appearance.
 She looks tough!
 Isn't that a sweet smile?
 Phuong & Michelle
 Rhea & Calvin - Newly dead newly weds!

 This is the second year I've seen this couple...they add a lot of class to the event.
 Sleepy time...

 Capt'n Hook

 These two Japanese tourists were sooo cute.

 60's bombed!

 Ying & Yang...can I keep them?

 I liked this ladies costume.
 The Flintstones & bombed!
 Another sweet smile.

 Yes, I've been bad...
 Arrest me, please!
 This young lady was such a cutie.  She and her father were resting by a doorway.
 I have no idea!
 The doctor is in.
 So many angels...
 and a few devils.
 Wow...she gets my vote!
 Do you think she's the sheriff?
 The Blues Brothers...but they didn't sing.  :-(
 The Count and Contessa Dracula
I surrender!  Arrest me...please!