Sunday, February 10, 2013

13-02-10 OPMUG Manana Trail

We were scheduled to hike Manana Trail today, but the weather just would not cooperate.  We  gave up at the 1.5 mile mark because it was too wet and the trail was getting slick and slippery.

Hiking with photographers really is like herding cats...

I have never seen this flower before.  It's very pretty...

This is a panorama of the point at which we finally gave up.

13-02-08 Queen Emma Street & Capt. Cooke Street Overpasses

We returned to the Queen Emma Street overpass to try to catch the sunset and to try some more long exposures. 

The sun was still up so I stacked two ND3 filters atop one another to get the equivalent of an ND6.  This enabled me to begin shooting at longer exposure times without having every thing simply blown out from too much light.

I was pleasantly surprised with this shot.  I didn't think I could bring back this much detail on the bus. 

I fooled around with the multiple exposure setting on my camera.  This is actually a composite of 3 different images blended together in camera. 

When shooting longer exposures, I can add myself to the picture by walking in front of the camera and staying still for a bit. 

So many lights...

The path to the senior citizens home.

13-02-07 Makapuu Beach

Richard, Don, Toby and I went to Makapuu Beach Park in the hopes of getting some shots of the Milky Way rising.  It was just too overcast so we did the best we could with what was available then left to eat dinner.

There was a lot of mist in the air so the effect somewhat eerie.

The way the center light has rays just caught my eye.

I wasn't really sure I would get anything with this long exposure.

13-02-06 & 09 Just Messin' Around

A couple shots from around my yard.

I caught this cattle egret just taking off while I was at the Neil S. Blaisdell Park.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

13-02-02 Queen Emma Street Overpass

On the way back to Richard's condo we caught the wrong bus and ended up getting off on Queen Emma Street across from Royal Elementary School...what a stroke of luck, we spent the next hour taking long exposure photos from the freeway overpass section of the street.

Looking towards downtown Honolulu from the Queen Emma Street freeway overpass.  That's Royal Elementary to the left of the pedestrian street crossing walkway. 

Pali Highway on ramps from the H1 and downtown.

Looking west, do you see the ghost?

13-02-02 Punahou Carnival

After we ate dinner a small group of us went to the Punahou Carnival to hook up with Milton and listen to his cousin's daughter Sunway sing.  First we went to Richard's condo then caught the bus to the carnival, it was crowded and parking would cost an arm and a leg.

This was so interesting to me...

That's Sunway singing.

"Oh crap, what setting did am I on?"

13-02-02 OPMUG Chinese New Year Parade

Hooked up with the OPMUG photo group for one of my favorite parades, the Chinese New Year festivities parade.  Once again we worked the Alakea & Hotel Streets intersection.  It's a good place to shoot because the marchers are fresh and pre-march it's close enough to the staging area to get  some candids of the participants.

He was the last pedestrian and the cars were beginning to get a little antsy...but there were so many police officers at the intersection no one dared move.

I think these three have outgrown their "dragon."

Traffic cones all lined up are just wonderful.

Love it when the brass in the band is so shiny.

I think he's in charge of the Navy fleet band.

Drummers gotta drum.

I think he's supposed to be Genghis Khan.

Yeah, he took a picture of me taking a picture of him...

So pensive.

2013 Miss Hawaii Brianna Acosta

2013 Miss Hawaii Teen Samantha Neyland.

Drum line.

So happy that I was able to get one good shot of this young man.  His parents obviously are concerned about protecting his hearing.

These young ladies were so cute!

2 different processing choices for the dragon.

That's a ball in front of the dragon.  If you keep your eye on the ball you'll notice the dragon follows and mimics it's every move.

It's only the beginning of the parade...

13-01-31 Kakaako Shoreline Park Hawaii Fire Artists

I had lunch today with Phuong, my calabash daughter.  We hadn't seen each other since her trip to Okinawa in November so we spent the time catching up. 

Arrived early for lunch so I spent the extra time, at the Hawaii State Art Museum, taking pictures.   Was pleasantly surprised to learn that they don't mind if you photograph the exhibits, just no using a flash.

This turned out a lot better than I thought it would.  Really pleased with the black in the shot.

Took a number of shots of this.  The sun was at just the right angle to create this interplay of light and dark.  

This fountain looks so much better on it's side.

Never seen feathers on a dove's feet before.

Saw a post on facebook stating that the Hawaii Fire Artists would be holding a practice burn this evening for their Chinese New Year festivity performance.  It's been awhile since I attended their Kakaako Thursday night fire jam practice sessions.

This flame looks like a dragon to me.

13-01-25 EOH Kewalo Basin Small Boat Harbor Sunset

I met up, with the folks from the Eyes of Hawaii photography club, for a sunset shoot from Kewalo Basin Small Boat Harbor in Kakaako. 

Before I left my house I spent a few minutes fooling around in my yard.

He was surprisingly cooperative.

They look like fuzzy twins.

Saint Marianne Cope, O.S.F., also known as the Saint Marianne of Molokaʻi, (January 23, 1838 – August 9, 1918) was a German-born American who was a member of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Syracuse, New York. Known for her charitable works and virtuous deeds, she spent many years caring for lepers on the island of Molokaʻi in Hawaiʻi. Despite direct contact with the patients over many years, Cope was not afflicted by the disease, considered by some faithful to be miraculous.

Sunset wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be.

Beginning of the "blue hour."

The "blue hour."

After dinner Don dropped me off and I decided to do some long exposure's by myself.  This shot across the harbor caught my eye earlier so it was the first thing I returned to.

The lights to the right are 2 fishermen torch fishing.  When I first began shooting on this side they about midway from Magic Island.

The Blessed Marianne Cope