Monday, October 3, 2011

11-10-02 Scott Kelby Walkabout Ka' Iwi Makapu'u Lighthouse

 Sunday morning Don picked me up at 7am.  We proceeded to pick up Richard as well then headed over to Ka' Iwi (Makapu'u Lighthouse) trail for the Scott Kelby Walkabout.

I like this hike because it's paved and the grade is not demanding.  Also the views are spectacular.

On this particular morning I met Keegan and her owner.  Keegan is a very special dog, look closely at her picture.

A bit more on Keegan.  She was hit by a car when she was just a couple of months old and lost her right front leg as a result.  She's now 10 human years old and you wouldn't know of her loss unless you looked carefully.


Marian said...

Great pics Stan - thank you for sharing.

pcsty said...

Thank you Marian. I'm glad you checked out the pictures. I hope I got Keenan's name correct, it was a toss up with Keegan by the time I got home.