Sunday, August 21, 2011

11-08-21 Ewa Mahiko Park Historic Preservation Amfac Agribusiness

A group of us (Henry James, Kyle, Ryan, Tien, Tina & myself) from "I wanna shoot so badly" went exploring today for new places to shoot.  The first two locations didn't pan out but then Henry James took us to the Ewa Mahiko Park and we sneaked into the Amfac Agribusiness structures that hopefully are in the process of being  remodeled and saved as "historic buildings." 

Although I shot with the intent of converting to B&W.  In many cases I found that other treatments were more satisfying to my eyes.

No, this is not an HDR image.

Being able to see through this many windows fascinated me.

Why do I think basketball when I look at this...Hmmmm?

I wonder what they did up there...

On this image I "jacked" up the vibrance and saturation and was pleased with the end results.

This is the exact same shot but I don't know where the item in the middle on the floor came from.

I couldn't convince anyone to "sit" on the toilet for a shot :-(

The chimney spins round with the wind.  I didn't believe my eyes at first.

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