Saturday, September 3, 2011

11-09-03 29th Okinawa Festival - Kapiolani Park

OPMUG visited the 29th annual Okinawa Festival at Kapiolani Park today.  LOTs of people!  Took almost 30 minutes to find parking.

We were supposed to meet at the entrance to the Honolulu Zoo at 9am.  With parking the way it was I decided to wait till 9:30 before heading off.  To kill time Victor, Tony and I wandered over by Kapahulu Avenue where there was a Corvette Club car show.

I wonder if that is Shuri or Nakagusku Castle in the background.

This little boy was quite used to having his photo taken.  He poses on

Awase is represented here but the golf course is hoo :-(

I'd never seen a Lion (Shisa) sit this way.  Cute.

Our Honorable Mayor Peter Carlisle.

That's our Governor Neil Abercrombie in the front row with the purple lei and blue shirt...the bearded haole guy.

The ducklings were tame enough to come and stay with these children, who were feeding them bread.

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