Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11-07-04 Ala Moana Shopping Center Fireworks Display

OPMUG went up Tantalus for a clear shot of the Ala Moana Shopping Center 4th of July fireworks display. 

I went early to get parking and to check out the site I planned on using.  Imagine my surprise to learn that construction had begun on the lot.  Luckily the owners son came out and I was able to ask for permission to use the driveway for the our shoot.

I never though I would see another Triumph motorcycle...seems they are back in production.

This rainbow was so cooperative and it got stronger as the afternoon wore on.

Those white spots visible on the left side of the photograph are raindrops... :-(

This was a pretty "angry" sunset.

This is two different post production treatments of the same photograph.

Finally...Let the show begin!

Oriental "smiley" face.

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