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Sunday, July 24, 2011

11-07-23 Haleiwa Jodo Mission Obon & Lantern Floating Ceremony

I went with OPMUG to the Haleiwa Jodo Mission Obon & Lantern Floating Ceremony last evening.  It's nowhere's near as big as the Memorial Day ceremony at Ala Moana but it felt a lot more intimate.  The people were very friendly and the Obon part had more dancers then I've ever seen at any other festival. 

I got a new filter for only $1.00 look at what it does.

Had to try and capture the sunset as well.

I was surprised to see Kirk and Melinda there as well.

Put on your dancing shoes...

Why do they remind me of a Motown group?

Wanna dance?

You put your left foot in...

Go get em Kever!

This is the lead floating lantern.

I was touched as I watched these two ladies.  They were both crying and each kissed the lantern before setting it afloat.

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