Tuesday, July 19, 2011

11-07-18 Downtown/Aloha Tower Marketplace/Gordon Biersch

I joined some friends at Gordon Biersch earlier this evening for some "Pau Hana" (after work) relaxation.

Aloha Tower as viewed from the AmFac building across Nimitz.

This is one beautiful dog!  The owner told me she can hit 40+ mph at a full run.  She has the smoothest walk I've ever seen from a dog.

"Boat Days"

The view from the 10th floor observation deck of the Aloha Tower.

The roof of the Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Downtown Honolulu

Honolulu Harbor

I think these two yachts came in from the Trans Pac race.

Can you guess what this is?

This is the view from our table at Gordon Biersch.

The "Falls of Clyde" is in such a sad state of disrepair.   :-(

A parking garage elevator building.

This is from the 5th floor walkway from the elevator to my car.

Heading home on the freeway, I saw this.

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