Saturday, February 18, 2012

12-02-17 Waikiki Beach Slackliners Antigravitroupe

Thursday I met Andrew and Emily with the fire twirlers group.  They invited me, to join them, to photograph their slackline group "Antigravitroupe."  So I put out a message on IWSSB for anyone interested to join me as well. 

Friday evening I quickly found Andrew and Emily practicing between the coconut trees on the Diamond Head side of the Kapahulu Jetty.  Andrew quickly introduced me to Billy and Eddie then returned to practicing while I set up to take some pictures. 

Yvonne made it and we began shooting.  I was distracted between the sunset and the performers.  Couldn't figure out how to get them all together in the same shot. 

Wes showed up and told us that Kyle and his house guest were further down the beach but would join us shortly.

This is Billy juggling while slacklining.

Emily practicing her fire twirling skills while slacklining.

Eddie is a magician and just recently began slacklining.  He revealed some of the secrets of juggling to out! 

 This is what I kept watching while I took pictures of the Antigravitroupe performers.

Andrew passing pins up to Billy.

Yvonne found a compatriot in Ronja.  She's also from Germany.

It started to rain and we were getting hungry so we all headed down to a restaurant on Queen's Beach fronting the ocean.

Yvonne & Kyle posing

Kyle's house guest Sherri...she's a lot of fun. 

My attempt at catching the fireworks show.

Sorry Tien, my one photo of you did not come out, it was extremely blurry even though the focus lock sound had come on.

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