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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nikon Service & Repair Policy

I'm going to take this opportunity to express how unhappy I am with Nikon at this time.  Nikon has a policy that states they will not service or repair any camera or other equipment that is purchased from a different country unless the buyer has an international bill of sale.  This may affect you  if you buy your camera from a site like ebay. 

In April 2009 I purchased a Nikon D90 from Pixis an ebay listed company located in New York.  This past July my brother took my camera to the Nikon service center in Torrence, California to have it serviced and get any repairs that needed to be done completed.  None of the work I asked to be done is under warrenty,  but I'm more than willing to pay to have the needed work done.  Nikon, sticking to their policy, refuses to do anything with my camera.  I'm upset because I registered my camera with Nikon at the time of purchase and they never said anything about my camera being a "grey market" product.  Nikon is an international company and as such I can understand their reluctance to do warranty work on cameras and equipment bought out of country, but if the customer is willing to pay for the work, why not just do it?

I don't know if Canon has the same policy but my next camera will be a Canon or other brand.  I just won't buy it over the internet.  They have a service center in Hawaii and it seems that they take better  care of their customers than Nikon does. 

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